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Tommy Bahama Outdoor Casual Furniture Arrives in Rochester

Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama

Pettis Pools & Patio is excited to announce one of our new lines of patio furniture, Tommy Bahama. This brand is legendary for its sophisticated interpretation of inspired island living. The company believes experiencing the casual comfort of the islands should be as easy as walking through your own front door—and we think their styles are wonderful interpretations of this idea.


The Tommy Bahama Home collection evokes a sense of romance and intrigue through the fusion of eclectic design, exotic natural materials, and rich finishes. Think of making your life one long weekend while capturing the essence of resort contemporary-prefab-studiosliving with the cool and casual style of Tommy Bahama. Outdoor living today is a natural extension of your indoor space and Tommy Bahama offers designs across a diverse range of styles to create an environment that is uniquely yours.

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Choose from 175 all-weather performance fabrics with soft, rich colors and vibrant patterns complete with trims, fringes and designer options. Every item is hand-crafted, featuring artisan finishes that make outdoor designs look like fine indoor furniture.


It’s never too early to start creating your very own backyard retreat. Stop in our East Rochester location and talk to our experts, look over fabrics and enjoy a Tommy Bahama escape!


Hot Tub Water Meditation: How-to Techniques

Your hot tub is a perfect spot for meditation. If you’ve never tried to meditate, or have given it only a few tries, you are missing out on one of the best ways to relieve stress, pain, and fatigue. Let’s learn more.


Meditate in your spa

Meditate in your spa

Set Your Mood

Lower the lights, turn down the heat (between 90-100 degrees works for most people), and turn off the pumps and air blower for added quiet. You can also light a scented candle, add aromatherapy and soft music or tracks of relaxing sounds like the ocean waves.


Pay Attention to Your Body

The first step is to focus briefly on your body for a quick minute. Find a comfortable kneeling or seated position and sit up straight. Now slowly check the sensations in each part of your body to relax, bit by bit.


Focus on Your Breath

Take long, slow breaths beginning with “belly-breathing” (pushing out your stomach, as you breathe deep into your stomach for a count of 2, hold for a 2 count, and then slowly exhale.


Be Aware of Your Mind

When you breathe deeply, the increased oxygen wakes up your brain and your mind can easily wander. Try to stay in the present moment. Don’t become burdened by worries or random thoughts. Now is the time to let everything go and just be.


Why Water Meditation?

Water is a symbol of purity and a cleansing element. Your spa is a natural place to connect with one of the most important elements on the planet.


You can imagine yourself near a waterfall or bubbling brook. It’s a wonderful sensation to picture yourself enjoying these visuals when you are actually sitting in water, relaxing water.


Let us know if you have a special way you connect to your mindful self in your spa.


Stop in to learn more about bringing a spa into your life by visiting either of our Pettis Pools & Patio locations.

Keep your New Year’s Resolutions with a Soak in the Spa!

As the New Year begins many people use this time to focus on making positive changes in their lives. Did you know a hot tub can help you out with a wide variety of your goals? Let’s take a peek…


Family time

Family time

  1. Lose Weight.  You’ll lose water weight through sweating, but you’ll need to replenish by drinking more water—which helps you feel full and eat less. In addition, your metabolism will be working faster and the improved blood circulation will help with digestion. Booyah!


  1. Work Out. You can do anything from gentle stretches to yoga to a more advanced routine in your hot tub. The water’s buoyancy puts less stress on your joints and the water’s resistance works your muscles.


  1. De-stress. Stress relief is one of the top reasons our customers tell us they purchased a hot tub. Just taking time out for yourself is de-stressing—doing it in a warm, relaxing spa is even better!


  1. Be mindful. Taking time to savor being in your spa can generate a meditation-like state. Set the mood with low lighting, add aromatherapy or light a candle—whatever you prefer! Focus on your body and breath and get in touch with your body-bit by bit.


  1. Family time. Family fun is the number one reason our customers purchase their spas! Everybody has busy schedules but you’ll be amazed at how close and relaxed you are when you hang out in the spa together. It’s a great chance to have conversations or just enjoy being with one another.


We hope you’ll take some of these ideas to heart and let a hot tub or spa improve your whole year. Stop in at Pettis Pools & Patio and learn more today!

Warm Water Wellness

Taking a break and slipping into a hot tub can’t be beat! The warm water soothes your tired muscles and nerves and your mind unwinds. Studies show the benefits of warm-water immersion extend far beyond just relaxing at home. This type of therapy is popular in aquatic facilities and has strong research support when it comes to easing joint discomfort, promoting better sleep and muscle relaxation.

“The effects of aquatic immersion are profound, and impact virtually every body system,” said Dr. Bruce Becker, director of the National Aquatic & Sports Medicine Institute at Washington State University.

Dr. Becker’s research has been instrumental in understanding the crucial benefit of warm-water immersion – balancing the autonomic nervous system – an effect that seems to be at the core of a variety of benefits. This system helps individuals adapt to changes in the environment and affects vital functions, such as heart rate, digestion and respiration. The sympathetic nervous system, which reacts to stress, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes calm, ideally strive to be in balance. This is where a hot tub is important because you get a meaningful autonomic response in a period longer than ten minutes. In fact, longer periods in the bubbly water can lead to more relaxation—just don’t stay so long you turn into a fish!

“All our subjects saw a drop in blood pressure and an increase in circulation,” said Dr. Becker.

Let the Water Do the Work

Just being in water creates buoyancy while hydrostatic pressure decreases pain.

It also increases circulation by assisting the heart and decreasing blood pooling in extremities.

Water also provides excellent resistance for toning exercises. The higher viscosity of water makes muscles work harder when compared to doing the same exercises on land.


The physical benefits of aquatic therapy are incredible—and so are the psychosocial benefits. Being in water can reduce stress and anxiety, increase one’s ability to concentrate, enhance a feeling of well-being and confidence, and allow a person in pain to find their center of calm.

We invite you to stop in and learn more about the many spa models we carry—at Pettis Pools & Patio we can help you find the best one for your needs and budget.

It’s time to get your Warm Water Wellness On!

5 O'Clock Spa

5 O’Clock Spa

Holiday Coupon, Specials and Hours-2014

Special Savings for our Customers!

Pettis Pools and Patio, Greece, NY location

Pettis Pools and Patio, Greece, NY location

Use this special coupon by December 20th for your savings!

Whether it’s time to stock up on spa supplies, surprise that special someone with a great gift, or get ready for a relaxing winter with spa accessories…use our coupon and save!

In-Store Specials:
10% off spa cover lifters, cover shelves and handrails!

Favorite Holiday Gifts from Pettis Pools & Patio:

  • Spa Fragrances
  • Rubber Duckies
  • Spa Pillows
  • Tray Tables
  • Floating Bars
  • Floating Lights
  • Spa Cover Lifters
  • Waterproof iPod/MP3 Cases
  • Spa Booster Seats

Holiday Hours:
East Rochester Location-December
M-F 10-6
Sat. 9-5
Sun. 12-4

Hilton Location
Monday through Thursday 9-6
Friday and Saturday 9-5
Sun. 12-4

Both stores are closed from December 21st to January 3rd. We open January 4th with our regular hours. Everyone at Pettis Pools & Patio wishes you a safe, happy and relaxing holiday season!

Instructions for Winter Storage of Your Patio Furniture

As the cooler weather arrives, it’s time to think about protecting your patio furniture throughout the winter months. Our staff has put together five surefire ways to keep your furniture at its best!homepage_featured

  1. Clean off all of the dirt and grime built up over the last 6 months or more. We recommend 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner. Use a sponge with the mild scrubby side to loosen soil.
  2. Let the furniture dry completely before storing. Inspect the frames for any nicks or scratches in the paint and touch up before putting away. Replace nylon glides if necessary so you’ll be all ready to go in the spring. Now is also a great time to put a coating of 303 Protectant on your frames.
  3. Bring the furniture inside if possible for the winter. If not possible, bring cushions, pillows, and umbrellas in for safe keeping. Cover the rest of your furniture with our awesome line of patio furniture covers. Stop in our stores for details.
  4. Tie the covers onto the furniture so they do not blow away in harsh winds. Tying the covers down will also keep water and snow from blowing onto the surface of the furniture.
  5. Brush off all of the snow collecting on the furniture throughout the winter months. As the snow melts, water has an uncanny knack of finding its way into the furniture, potentially causing damage when it freezes again.

Stop in and we’ll be happy to answer any specific care questions you may have. At Pettis Pools & Patio, we are always at your service!

Cold Climate Pool Closing tips

Make sure you follow these tips to keep your pool in the best condition

 Pool Ready to Close

We put together this quick checklist to use as a reference when you close up for the season. Remember, properly closing your pool for the winter saves you time and money when you reopen in spring. Try to close your pool as soon as the weather turns cool to ensure it is protected from possible freeze damage.



  1. Pool must be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned. Dirt and debris left in the pool over long periods of inactivity can cause staining and be much harder to clean in the spring.
  1. Pool water must be at the proper pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels.
  2. Chlorinated pools must be shocked with a heavy dose of shock and a Winterizing kit used.  Baquacil Pools should have the normal monthly dose of Oxidizer added a day or two before closing so it may circulate. After lowering the water, add double the algaecide dose and the necessary “top-up” dose of Sanitizer.
  3. Filters (sand, DE, cartridge) must be flushed and chemically cleaned with a chemical Filter Cleaner.


Winterizing Day:

  • Remove all deck equipment (ladders, handrails, pool alarms, etc.) and store.
  • Skimmers: Water level should be lowered below skimmer face plate.

If you are in a high water table area, this recommendation may be modified. See store for details.

  • Remove baskets and weirs. In-Ground Pools pour a non-toxic pool antifreeze in skimmer. Never use automobile anti-freeze – it contains additives that can stain and damage the pool liner.
  • Plug skimmer in-ground pools skimmers with a “Gizzmo” acts as a plug and an ice compensator. Above-Ground pools either lower the water level 4-6 inches below the skimmer or use a winterizing faceplate to seal off the skimmer.


  • In-ground Pools: All plumbing lines must be blown out, a non-toxic pool anti-freeze added and plugged. An air compressor or special vac is usually connected to the line at the pump to do this. Above-Ground Pools: remove all hoses and store them inside. It is very important that if water gets into the skimmer that it can drain out of the hole in the bottom of the skimmer.


The filter tank must be completely drained and the pressure gauge removed.

The safest thing to do with the pump and motor is to remove them and store where they won’t freeze. Otherwise, all moisture must be removed.

The filter multiport should be placed in the “winter” position. If there is no such marked position on your filter, then the handle should be left in between any two positions.

Heaters and More

  • If you have a heater on your pool, it must be properly drained and fuel shut off. (See manufacturer’s recommendations)
  • An in-line chlorinator or mineral system must have the winter drain plug removed. (See manufacturer’s recommendations)
  • Cover pool. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations. If water tubes are placed around the perimeter, they should be filled only 2/3 full to allow for ice expansion. Above-Ground pools tighten the cable and use cover clips to hold covers down.

If you have questions, be sure to stop in and we’ll be happy to help you!


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