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Gensun: Modular Outdoor Kitchen Line (and more!)

We’re pleased to introduce our latest outdoor kitchen and furniture line—Gensun.

Gensun Outdoor Kitchens

Gensun Outdoor Kitchens


Gensun is a family-owned company with headquarters in Ontario, California. They are the manufacturer, from the foundry to the factory, to the cushions, they can keep a close watch on every step in the production process to maintain consistent quality. They use the best aluminum, alloy – 356, and a molding process that allows the intricacy of the design to be accomplished. They take extra steps in the metal finishing stage to prepare the product for painting and then our paint system uses an 8-stage cleaning system to accomplish a very smooth finish and excellent adhesion of the powder coat base. Their attention to detail shows!


Outdoor Kitchens Are Their Specialty

Gensun outdoor kitchens are innovative—featuring durable cast aluminum construction and convenient modular configuration. These are durable, worry-free pieces and—best of all—they have all kinds of functionality and versatility because of the modular designs. They eliminate the need for expensive site modifications and can be placed wherever is convenient. Their pieces are easy-to-assemble (you only need 3 tools). Within hours, you can be grilling steaks and mixing drinks with friends and family. Plus, they go beyond the traditional BBQ. The freestanding grill can be purchased by itself, then easily tailored into an entire kitchen unit according to your desired size and specifications.image-2


The collection includes attachable countertops, cabinets, bar centers and drawer units in a range of finishes and configurations. Cooling appliances and cooking accessories, including Lion burners are also available to make your outdoor kitchen complete. Available with three counter top options and twelve base finishes, the Gensun outdoor kitchens will bring your outdoor room to life.

Outdoor Room Planner

Use Gensun’s sophisticated outdoor room planner to design and customize an outdoor space to suit your purposes, preferences and personality. The possibilities are endless!




Contact Us to Learn More

Our furniture experts at Pettis Pools & Patio are at your service, just call or stop in at our East Rochester location to discuss your ideas and receive advice from the pros.

Refresh Your Spa

Family time

Family time

If the cold weather’s kept you out of your spa, here’s how to bring it back to life!

Now that the snow is melting, our customers are finally making their way out to their hot tubs! However, if it’s been a  couple of weeks since chlorine has been added there can be bacteria growth in the water, on your spa surfaces, and inside your filter cartridges.
Here’s what to do.
Steps to re-fresh your hot tub water:
1. Remove your filter cartridge and chemically clean with BaquaSpa Filter Cartridge Cleaner which is compatible with all sanitizers.
2. Wipe down all surfaces inside of the hot tub, including above the water line to suspend any potential bacteria growth in the hot tub. BaquaSpa Surface Cleaner works great to clean the inside surfaces of the hot tub.
3. Add 1/2 oz. (1 tablespoon) of Pettis Pools Spa Granular Chlorine per 150 gallons of spa water.
4. Run your spa jets for 30 minutes with the cover off. This will allow the chlorine to oxidize and burn-off any impurities.
5. Re-install the cleaned filter cartridge.
Wait 24 hours* and test water. If there is no free chlorine repeat the steps 3 & 4 (re-shock the hot tub).
*Always wait 24 hours after shocking with chlorine before using the hot tub.

If you have further questions, please stop in or give us a call. We’re here to help you!

Customizing Outdoor Space—the Tommy Bahama Way!

This favorite line of patio furniture makes your backyard a true escape

(Excerpted from the Tommy Bahama Blog)


Being able to enjoy the company of friends and family al fresco is one of the most wonderful benefits of warm weather. Because of this, the outdoor living space has become an integral part of the home and an extension of interior style. Outdoor living should be both comfortable and stylish, reflecting a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. Through good design and an eye for style, the best of both worlds can come together in a way that won’t compromise comfort or elegance. By utilizing design resources and adding a personal touch through fabric and trim selection, you can create a stunning custom outdoor space that reflects your personal style. Incorporating a customized palette of color, pattern and texture gives you the ability to bring life into any outdoor space, creating a unique design that’s truly your own. When it comes to custom outdoor seating, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few of our favorite ways to customize an outdoor space to reflect your personal style.



Whether the focus is on color, texture or pattern, choose a fabric combination that complements the frame. For example, the bold woven designs featured in Aviano pair well with clean patterns and simple textures, with a focus on a muted sand coloration. Subdued tones aid in the blending of various patterns and textures, like animal prints, geometrics, and organic weaves.


Ocean Club

Like the setting summer sun, vivid hues of tangerine and fiery orange add heat to the night. When paired with crisp ivory, this impactful color becomes even more captivating, allowing for the mixture of bold patterns and subtle details. The Armless Curved Sofa from Ocean Club Pacifica elegantly features a unique curving scatterback design, begging for a playfully arranged combination of pillows in various patterns and shades of orange.


Blue Olive

Blue Olive

Casual and elegant, Blue Olive’s cool tonality incorporates five distinct hues into each strand of the herringbone weave design. This complex neutral palette, in combination with clean contemporary lines, creates an ideal environment for pattern and texture to take center stage. Various patterns and textures featured in a muted coloration allow for harmonious blending, creating an unspoken sophistication with cohesive and relaxed subtlety.


Create an outdoor oasis with an island-inspired assortment of fabrics and trims to complement darker finishes. The natural woven wicker look of Island Estate Lanai creates a complex elegance through pattern and texture, making it ideal for an equally bold fabric selection. Using a strong, yet serene shade of blue with the boldness of the ocean, the Dazzling Blue and crisp white palette creates a perfectly relaxed style for any outdoor space. A sophisticated and classic color combination, blue and white allow for larger, more playful patterns.

Island Estate Lanai

Island Estate Lanai


Stop in to Pettis Pools & Patio’s East Rochester store to learn more about this great new line we’ve brought to Rochester.



Spa Care Tips

Here’s a roundup of care tips for cold weather!

Softub Control Panel

Winter Heat Up Times:
Reminder, it will take longer for the tubs to heat up from fill/refill because of the bitter cold.
Expect a 110v tub to take up to 3 days to get up to 104 degrees.
220v tubs typically heat up at 6-8 degrees per hour but due to this extreme cold, the average is a little lower (4-6 degrees per hour).

Water Loss:
You may notice your spa’s water level dropping faster than normal. Most likely, it’s due to higher evaporation rates because of winter’s wind, drier air, and a larger difference in water temperature to ambient air—they all increase evaporation.

Floating Spa Cover (solar cover):
Our floating covers help reduce the evaporation by providing a protective cover to the water’s surface where evaporation occurs.
Increased evaporation also boosts heat loss so it’s important to try to reduce evaporation.

Old Spa Covers:
As spa covers get older, they get heavier and can sag in the middle. This sagging will lift the spa cover off the edges of the spa shell. You can see steam (evaporation) escaping from under the spa cover. Many people wait too long to replace their spa cover but the cost of owning a hot tub with an old, sagging cover is far more expensive than a replacement in the long run.

If this isn’t a good time to invest in a new cover, purchase a floating spa cover ($28) to help reduce both evaporation and heat loss.

Some customers want to winterize (close down for the winter) their spas, we can help. If you want the pros to do your winterizing, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Softubbers who want to winterize their Softubs should detach the power pack and hold it so the plumbing is facing the ground in order to let all the water drain out. Once this step is complete, store the pack where it will not freeze.  After removing all the water from the tub, tip it up with plumbing facing down to drain all the water out of the plumbing. It is best to store the tub flat and out of the elements and/or enclosed in a tub guard cover—especially if it will be stored for awhile.

However, many people keep their spas open all winter since it’s the best time to use a hot bubbly spa!


Give us a call or stop in to either Pettis Pools & Patio location if you have any questions.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Casual Furniture Arrives in Rochester

Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama

Pettis Pools & Patio is excited to announce one of our new lines of patio furniture, Tommy Bahama. This brand is legendary for its sophisticated interpretation of inspired island living. The company believes experiencing the casual comfort of the islands should be as easy as walking through your own front door—and we think their styles are wonderful interpretations of this idea.


The Tommy Bahama Home collection evokes a sense of romance and intrigue through the fusion of eclectic design, exotic natural materials, and rich finishes. Think of making your life one long weekend while capturing the essence of resort contemporary-prefab-studiosliving with the cool and casual style of Tommy Bahama. Outdoor living today is a natural extension of your indoor space and Tommy Bahama offers designs across a diverse range of styles to create an environment that is uniquely yours.

Ocean Club Resort_3120-877TB+WT+4x13+CS+2x13SR+CS-b0

Choose from 175 all-weather performance fabrics with soft, rich colors and vibrant patterns complete with trims, fringes and designer options. Every item is hand-crafted, featuring artisan finishes that make outdoor designs look like fine indoor furniture.


It’s never too early to start creating your very own backyard retreat. Stop in our East Rochester location and talk to our experts, look over fabrics and enjoy a Tommy Bahama escape!


Hot Tub Water Meditation: How-to Techniques

Your hot tub is a perfect spot for meditation. If you’ve never tried to meditate, or have given it only a few tries, you are missing out on one of the best ways to relieve stress, pain, and fatigue. Let’s learn more.


Meditate in your spa

Meditate in your spa

Set Your Mood

Lower the lights, turn down the heat (between 90-100 degrees works for most people), and turn off the pumps and air blower for added quiet. You can also light a scented candle, add aromatherapy and soft music or tracks of relaxing sounds like the ocean waves.


Pay Attention to Your Body

The first step is to focus briefly on your body for a quick minute. Find a comfortable kneeling or seated position and sit up straight. Now slowly check the sensations in each part of your body to relax, bit by bit.


Focus on Your Breath

Take long, slow breaths beginning with “belly-breathing” (pushing out your stomach, as you breathe deep into your stomach for a count of 2, hold for a 2 count, and then slowly exhale.


Be Aware of Your Mind

When you breathe deeply, the increased oxygen wakes up your brain and your mind can easily wander. Try to stay in the present moment. Don’t become burdened by worries or random thoughts. Now is the time to let everything go and just be.


Why Water Meditation?

Water is a symbol of purity and a cleansing element. Your spa is a natural place to connect with one of the most important elements on the planet.


You can imagine yourself near a waterfall or bubbling brook. It’s a wonderful sensation to picture yourself enjoying these visuals when you are actually sitting in water, relaxing water.


Let us know if you have a special way you connect to your mindful self in your spa.


Stop in to learn more about bringing a spa into your life by visiting either of our Pettis Pools & Patio locations.

Keep your New Year’s Resolutions with a Soak in the Spa!

As the New Year begins many people use this time to focus on making positive changes in their lives. Did you know a hot tub can help you out with a wide variety of your goals? Let’s take a peek…


Family time

Family time

  1. Lose Weight.  You’ll lose water weight through sweating, but you’ll need to replenish by drinking more water—which helps you feel full and eat less. In addition, your metabolism will be working faster and the improved blood circulation will help with digestion. Booyah!


  1. Work Out. You can do anything from gentle stretches to yoga to a more advanced routine in your hot tub. The water’s buoyancy puts less stress on your joints and the water’s resistance works your muscles.


  1. De-stress. Stress relief is one of the top reasons our customers tell us they purchased a hot tub. Just taking time out for yourself is de-stressing—doing it in a warm, relaxing spa is even better!


  1. Be mindful. Taking time to savor being in your spa can generate a meditation-like state. Set the mood with low lighting, add aromatherapy or light a candle—whatever you prefer! Focus on your body and breath and get in touch with your body-bit by bit.


  1. Family time. Family fun is the number one reason our customers purchase their spas! Everybody has busy schedules but you’ll be amazed at how close and relaxed you are when you hang out in the spa together. It’s a great chance to have conversations or just enjoy being with one another.


We hope you’ll take some of these ideas to heart and let a hot tub or spa improve your whole year. Stop in at Pettis Pools & Patio and learn more today!


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