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Instructions for Winter Storage of Your Patio Furniture

As the cooler weather arrives, it’s time to think about protecting your patio furniture throughout the winter months. Our staff has put together five surefire ways to keep your furniture at its best!homepage_featured

  1. Clean off all of the dirt and grime built up over the last 6 months or more. We recommend 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner. Use a sponge with the mild scrubby side to loosen soil.
  2. Let the furniture dry completely before storing. Inspect the frames for any nicks or scratches in the paint and touch up before putting away. Replace nylon glides if necessary so you’ll be all ready to go in the spring. Now is also a great time to put a coating of 303 Protectant on your frames.
  3. Bring the furniture inside if possible for the winter. If not possible, bring cushions, pillows, and umbrellas in for safe keeping. Cover the rest of your furniture with our awesome line of patio furniture covers. Stop in our stores for details.
  4. Tie the covers onto the furniture so they do not blow away in harsh winds. Tying the covers down will also keep water and snow from blowing onto the surface of the furniture.
  5. Brush off all of the snow collecting on the furniture throughout the winter months. As the snow melts, water has an uncanny knack of finding its way into the furniture, potentially causing damage when it freezes again.

Stop in and we’ll be happy to answer any specific care questions you may have. At Pettis Pools & Patio, we are always at your service!

Cold Climate Pool Closing tips

Make sure you follow these tips to keep your pool in the best condition

 Pool Ready to Close

We put together this quick checklist to use as a reference when you close up for the season. Remember, properly closing your pool for the winter saves you time and money when you reopen in spring. Try to close your pool as soon as the weather turns cool to ensure it is protected from possible freeze damage.



  1. Pool must be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned. Dirt and debris left in the pool over long periods of inactivity can cause staining and be much harder to clean in the spring.
  1. Pool water must be at the proper pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels.
  2. Chlorinated pools must be shocked with a heavy dose of shock and a Winterizing kit used.  Baquacil Pools should have the normal monthly dose of Oxidizer added a day or two before closing so it may circulate. After lowering the water, add double the algaecide dose and the necessary “top-up” dose of Sanitizer.
  3. Filters (sand, DE, cartridge) must be flushed and chemically cleaned with a chemical Filter Cleaner.


Winterizing Day:

  • Remove all deck equipment (ladders, handrails, pool alarms, etc.) and store.
  • Skimmers: Water level should be lowered below skimmer face plate.

If you are in a high water table area, this recommendation may be modified. See store for details.

  • Remove baskets and weirs. In-Ground Pools pour a non-toxic pool antifreeze in skimmer. Never use automobile anti-freeze – it contains additives that can stain and damage the pool liner.
  • Plug skimmer in-ground pools skimmers with a “Gizzmo” acts as a plug and an ice compensator. Above-Ground pools either lower the water level 4-6 inches below the skimmer or use a winterizing faceplate to seal off the skimmer.


  • In-ground Pools: All plumbing lines must be blown out, a non-toxic pool anti-freeze added and plugged. An air compressor or special vac is usually connected to the line at the pump to do this. Above-Ground Pools: remove all hoses and store them inside. It is very important that if water gets into the skimmer that it can drain out of the hole in the bottom of the skimmer.


The filter tank must be completely drained and the pressure gauge removed.

The safest thing to do with the pump and motor is to remove them and store where they won’t freeze. Otherwise, all moisture must be removed.

The filter multiport should be placed in the “winter” position. If there is no such marked position on your filter, then the handle should be left in between any two positions.

Heaters and More

  • If you have a heater on your pool, it must be properly drained and fuel shut off. (See manufacturer’s recommendations)
  • An in-line chlorinator or mineral system must have the winter drain plug removed. (See manufacturer’s recommendations)
  • Cover pool. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations. If water tubes are placed around the perimeter, they should be filled only 2/3 full to allow for ice expansion. Above-Ground pools tighten the cable and use cover clips to hold covers down.

If you have questions, be sure to stop in and we’ll be happy to help you!

Caring for Your Patio Furniture

Keep Your Investment Protected and in Top Shape


Here are some care tips from our furniture pros. They will help keep your furniture in great shape for a long life. If you have any questions, please give us a call-at Furniture , helping people is what we’re here for!



The life of your patio furniture fabric largely depends on its care. Clean all spills promptly. The life of the fabric can be extended by simply rinsing down your patio furniture with water.


Be aware, certain suntan and sun block products may permanently discolor any fabric. This possibility can be minimized by immediately cleaning after contact or laying a towel down. In addition, storing the cushions when not in use will extend cushion life.



Prepare a cleaning solution with ¼ cup (2oz.) mild liquid soap in a gallon of lukewarm water (no warmer than 100° F / 38° C). Clean fabric with the solution using a sponge or soft bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow to air dry. We carry a fantastic product called 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner that you can use on your frames and fabrics. Highly recommended! 32oz. bottle for $19.99 or 16oz. for $11.99. Also consider our 303 Indoor/Outdoor Living Protectant.

16 oz. bottle only $11.99.


Hint: Standing a cushion on its side will help it drain faster.


Caution: Certain suntan and sun block products contain “PABA”. PABA is harmful to fabric and can permanently discolor it; therefore, contact with cushions or slings should be avoided. If contact is made, cleaning the fabric immediately with a non-abrasive, mild soap and water solution followed by a fresh water rinse may minimize the possibility of discoloration. Laying a beach towel over the cushions or slings of outdoor furniture whenever you are using the furniture will prolong the fabric life.


A Quick List of Don’ts:

  • Do not use a bleach solution unless specifically listed as a cleaning agent for the specific fabric, such as for solution dyed acrylics or most sling fabrics.
  • Do not submerse or allow cushions to lie in standing water.
  • Do not put cushions into the dryer.
  • Do not use harsh detergents or stiff bristle brushes.
  • Do not use Pine Oil cleaners or abrasive household cleaners.
  • Do not use heat or hot water.


Mildew may form on dirt or other substances deposited upon the fabric. Regular cleaning of the furniture will help to prevent its forming. If mildew does develop, add 1 cup bleach to the cleaning solution. Apply to the affected area and allow to soak in. Scrub with a soft bristle brush, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. For stubborn mildew stains, use a household mildew remover – test in an inconspicuous location first. PLEASE FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS.



Always close market umbrellas and patio umbrellas in their stands when not in use and always use a weighted stand of 50lbs. or more. All umbrellas must always be closed and removed from service in windy conditions to protect umbrellas against damage from inclement weather, and to protect persons from potential injury due to umbrellas toppling or moving in such conditions. If market umbrellas or patio umbrellas become wet, open for a complete airing and make certain they are thoroughly dry before closing.


Occasional lubrication of the moving parts of market umbrellas and patio umbrellas with a silicon lubricant spray is recommended.


Caution: Do NOT gel lubricant on fabric or finish.



Regularly tighten all hardware to avoid loosening which can lead to bolt failure and product breakage. Replace missing hardware (remove product from service until repaired). Regularly tighten the headrest bolts on all chaise lounges and recliners. Confirm movement is smooth without binding and that the ratchet engages properly at each position. Check bottom of all frames to be certain all nylon glides are firmly in place and contact us if your glides need replacing. We carry a large supply and it’s very easy to do yourself.


Painted Finishes

Painted Finishes are used on aluminum seating, wrought iron, tables and umbrellas. Periodically clean the finish with a sponge or soft bristle brush using 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. For gloss finishes, we recommend periodic waxing of the frame with a high-grade automotive paste wax or the use of our 303 Protectant to help maintain and/or restore the luster of the finish. Wrought iron, in particular, will begin to rust if the finish is scratched so we recommend touching it up as soon as possible. We carry a large selection of touch-up paint at our East Rochester store.

Pettis Pools & Patio Introduces Our Exclusively-designed 5 O’Clock Spas

Our own spa line at a very attractive price point

509 with 3 people

We meet lots of people who are seeking the benefits of a home spa at a value price point. This year, we had the unique opportunity to develop our own line of spas for people who are excited to purchase a spa but may not have found the quality or features they desire within their budget. Our 5 O’Clock Spas are built for us by Watkins Manufacturing in Vista, California; they are the makers of Hot Springs and Caldera Spas and they have years of expertise to bring to the table.


Since we were starting from scratch we asked ourselves what features our Pettis customers would be looking for, here is our feature list:


Energy-efficient: The water is warmed using thermal friction heat generated by the pump to warm the water. This means there is no separate heating element so they cost less to run and you will never be replacing your heater – the most common part to wear out in spas. Our spas are also fully foam insulated to hold their temperatures.

Affordable: Because the spas are energy-efficient they operate at a minimal monthly cost and meet or exceed the energy usage and performance requirements set by the California Energy Commission (CEC). Also, we have worked hard to keep our price points for purchase as low as possible. Starting at just $2795 they are easy on most budgets.

Portable: At roughly half the weight of acrylic hot tubs, 5 O’Clock spas are easier to move. We recommend 2-3 people help out. A furniture dolly is also handy for moving the spa.

115V Plug-in ready: The 5 O’Clock spa can be plugged into any standard, dedicated 115v (15 amp) outlet (although a 20 amp is fine too).

Plug-n-Play: You don’t need to install a special electric line and there is no need for a concrete platform or worrying about meeting code with your electric. Just plug into your outlet and get ready to relax! All models come with an inline GFCI as well.

Strategic Jet Placement: For optimum relaxing! We offer more jets than competitive models at these price points.509_with_steps


Our line has three models:

5:09-Seats 5, 9 jets, Multi-colored Led lights with digital control—small footprint, lots of interior space!


5:20-Molded seats for 4, 20 jets, Multi-colored Led lights with digital control—Individualized jet comfort!

520 girl adjusting valves

520 girl adjusting valves


5:27- Molded seats for 5, 27 jets, Waterfall feature, Multi-colored Led lights with digital control—just lean back, listen to the waterfall sounds and let go!


Each spa comes with ASTM-approved, high-quality cover with locking safety clips.


We hope you’ll stop in to learn more about 5 O’Clock Spas—our Pettis Pools & Patio brainchild built with our customers in mind!

How to Care for Pools after Heavy Rains

Rain, rain, go away…so the children’s song goes. In honor of the heavy rains in our area, we’ve put together a few care tips for your pool.

Waterdrops in poolHeavy rains inundate the pool with debris that can cause cloudy pools are act as a food source for algae.  It’s important to chemically treat the pool to prevent little problems from becoming big ones.
1)    If the pool’s water level is too high, up to or over the skimmer opening, run sand filter on “waste” until the water is at least 1 inch from the top of the skimmer opening.  The water will be discharging out your pool’s backwash hose, make sure to have the hose completely un-rolled and pointed to an area that you want to discharge a couple hundred gallons of water.  If there is debris in the pool vacuuming to waste it a great way to clean the pool and lower the water level at the same time.
2)    Test the pool water’s pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness or take about a pint of pool water to Pettis Pools for a computerized water analysis. Make adjustments as needed.
3)    Chlorine Pools will need to be shocked with a chlorine based shock like Turbo Shock. One bag per 10,000 gallons.
4)    Pools with a salt chlorine generator should  make sure the salt level is in range and then “boost” the pool.
5)    Baquacil pools should add the weekly dose of Oxidizer followed by the week dose of CDX. Make sure to top up the sanitizer if necessary.
If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to call or stop in either one of our Pettis Pools & Patio locations—helping you is what we’re here for!

Independent 3rd Party Testing Shows Finnleo Low EMR/Low EF Infrared Saunas Beat Safety Standards


At Pettis Pools & Patio, we’re proud to carry industry-leading Finnelo Saunas—and, once again, they are setting industry standards. Independent third-party testing shows Finnleo’s Low EMR/Low EF infrared saunas surpass the most stringent Swedish standards for acceptable levels of Electromagnetic Radiation and Electric Field radiation. While several infrared sauna manufacturers have achieved relatively low levels of EMR, Finnleo is the first to accomplish these readings for both.

The testing practices used on the Finnleo IR sauna rooms were established using the “worst case” scenario of any products in the category. Using maximum wattage and amperage the Finnleo IR rooms scored EMR readings of a 0.8 milligauss or lower at every point within the IR sauna room, including on the heating panel surfaces themselves. This is well below the 2 milligauss limit established by Swedish Standard.

Again using the worst case scenario for electrical conditions, the EF readings were equally impressive as with the EMR readings. The EF readings were 2.8 volts/meter or lower throughout the IR sauna room-compared to 10 volts/meter limit established by Swedish Standards.
While the goal in Finnleo’s engineering and development of Low EMR/Low EF infrared saunas was to achieve the lowest readings possible to ensure the safest infrared sauna experience, they also refined the features of the infrared sauna rooms. Finnleo has achieved the right balance of form and function with the intent of creating an environment where a sauna enthusiast can relax in a room designed with their comfort, health, and safety in mind. For added peace of mind, the low EMR/low EF infrared rooms are backed by the world’s largest sauna manufacturer’s warranty.

To learn more about the Finnleo Low EMR/Low EF Infrared Saunas stop into our East Rochester location and see these terrific saunas for yourself!

Growing Up with a Pool

by Abbey Pettis, 3rd generation Pettis Pools & Patio family member in the business

Pool Toy

As a Pettis family member, I grew up knowing I could always come home from the hottest, longest day of school and forget everything with a jump in my backyard pool!

My younger sister and I had it pretty good; we had a small in-ground pool that was always crystal clear (thanks to our parents) and an abundance of inflatable pool toys. We spent hours in the water playing pool tag, showing off our cannonballs, smacking each other with noodles and watching our fingers and toes get wrinkly. Also, having chlorinated hair by the end of the summer became a “natural” thing.

My favorite part, though, was working up an appetite after a few rounds of relay racing, then getting out and enjoying potato chips and Kool-aid. We never realized how lucky we were. There were days when we had our school friends over and bounced from the Softub on the deck down to the cool water of our pool and back and forth for hours. Life could not get any sweeter! The memories we made in our pool were both hilarious and unforgettable.

Now that I’m older, I can really appreciate how much time and effort our parents put into keeping us happy. A seven year old takes for granted the work it takes to keep up with a pool, you just expect it to be filled with more toys and less leaves. However, as I got older and I wanted to use the pool myself, I quickly learned that it took more than asking mommy and daddy to vacuum up the bugs. I had to learn how to take care of the pool on my own, turn on and off the filter, change the skimmer, and use the vacuum.

The fun and fantastic pool became a learning experience for a 14 year-old in terms of both responsibility and even chemistry. As you grow up you appreciate the little things you took for granted as a kid. Our pool also taught me how to be more independent and occupy myself during the summertime when I was dying from Rochester’s heat.

I will always be grateful my parents gave us the gift of growing up with a pool. It was truly life-changing. There were so many times I had to be dragged out of the water to go eat dinner or go to bed! I guess you can take the girl out of the swimming pool, but you can’t take the swimmer out of the girl.


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